042807p: Status Report

...Template restart. Notice also the size change in the text.

020107a: Pointing

.....While this is under construction you might want to try our other blogs. Their links are on the sidebar.

by M. Talent

040806p: Regular Maintenance

.....Just here to make sure everything's OK.

021406p: Second Post

.....I thought I'd lay out some keywords likely to show up often in our content. This should help the search engines to find us.

: internet, world wide web
: email, gmail
: search engines
: rss feeds, blogs, blogging
: Google, Yahoo, Ask.com, MSN, AOL
: computers, supercomputers, integrated circuits
: AMD, IBM, Seagate, Hewlett Packard, Apple, AT&T
: beta release, patent applications
: broadband, wireless, DSL

013006p: First Post

.....Finally we are up and running. From now on we'll be bringing you pertinent news concerning THE INTERNET designed to make the whole thing more accessible and alot more fun!!!